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Hurricane Irma First-Responder Picks Up Fallen American Flag

As first-responders moved through the streets of Coral Springs, Florida, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma, one officer stopped to pick up a fallen American flag.This video, posted by the Coral Springs Police on the timely date of September 11, shows 42-year-old Joseph Schiavo, a <span class="caps">SWAT</span> medic working for the Coral Springs Fire Department. He told <a href="" target="_blank"><span class="caps">ABC</span> News</a> that it was “an honorable thing to do” and “it would be a disgrace to let that lay on the ground.”Schiavo was part of a group of officers, firefighters and medics helping with the recover effort in Coral Springs after Irma swept through the region over the weekend of September 9. Credit: Coral Springs Police via Storyful

Source: Storyful

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